Water Management

Optimizing Drainage and Watersheds

Useful for agricultural, hydroelectric, and municipal infrastructures among many sectors, water management enables the precise modelling and analysis of water flows, cresting, and flood patterns. Our fully customized aerial surveying and surface mapping services empower clients with the precise data needed for drainage analysis, shoreline mapping, tailings pond monitoring, and more. With a one-time survey using sophisticated LiDAR and photogrammetry, we provide quick, cost-effective aerial mapping solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our high-resolution imagery and quick turnaround time allow producers, contractors, and consultants to better predict water flows, protect watersheds, and engage in more proactive water management planning.


Water Management Sector Benefits:

  • Mapping technologies that capture vegetation and obstructions, as well as the ground below to provide a clear view of problem areas that can restrict flow, damage crops, or inhibit access

  • Preventative planning for potential disasters and problems in a variety of industries

  • Accurate and cost-effective collection of detailed, site-specific data that can be compared against existing models to identify changes and/or irregularities

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