Accurate Digitization of Your Assets

Our volumetric aerial imaging and mapping services are programmed to meet the needs of a variety of operating environments including mine complexes, construction sites, and aggregate quarries. They involve the collection of high-resolution data to ascertain precise site conditions, measuring the volume of stockpiles and material deposits. With our sophisticated image processing capabilities, clients can quickly and safely capture precise computations of data in a manner that is more cost-effective than traditional land surveying methods. Additionally, customized volumetric and earthworks reporting allow for enhanced asset and inventory management that meets the specific needs of any site.


Service Benefits:

  • Quick and detailed site condition monitoring that mitigates risks and injuries (no need for sending out physical survey teams)

  • More cost-effective yet more accurate volume reporting and analysis compared to traditional land surveying methods

  • Precise stockpile and deposit measurements that speed project progression

Applied Technology

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