Utilities and Energy

Infrastructure and Site Monitoring

The power and pipeline-based energy sector regularly relies on comprehensive site surveillances to mitigate risks, carry out inspections, and ensure that everything is in working order. Aethon’s aerial and surface mapping services provide high-resolution imagery that can be consulted to ascertain site conditions and viable routing options. Our mobile and right-of-way mapping services that utilize LiDAR with multi-echo capabilities and multispectral imagery allow energy sector clients to perform environmental assessments and detect hazards quickly, accurately, and at a minimal cost compared to traditional aerial and land-based surveys. This allows for risk-free ROW routing and crossing selection, as well as more accurate power line condition monitoring and efficient vegetation encroachment analysis.



Sector Service Benefits:

  • Accurate and precise bare earth data for easier routing

  • Cost-effective and risk-free site surveys that keep employees out of harm’s way

  • Faster and more accurate damage and hazard detection

  • Quick generation of high-density point clouds built on real-time data to reference against as-built models

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