Terrain Modelling (DTM)

High-Accuracy Digital Terrain Model

Many clients turn to us for high-resolution digital terrain modelling (DTM) services, which are designed to help ascertain site conditions and threats such as sediment shifts, water flows, and other detractors of area stability and accessibility. Our LiDAR service captures everything it can see ensuring all ground features and infrastructure are included in your model.  By creating detailed 3D maps and site scans, the surface of any environment can be intricately surveyed by Aethon to create a precise collective visualization of ground and water conditions as well as terrain sloping. This can be customized to digitally remove vegetation to create a detailed bare-earth model of the terrain below. Clients can rely on quick, cost-effective, and efficient data results that are designed around the data needed for the specific job at hand.


Service Benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to rely on a field tech to pick up important features with a rover

  • Quickly ascertain bare earth, water drainage, sediment, and flow conditions

  • Mitigate potential risks to employees, equipment, and structures through precise site monitoring and conditions assessments

Applied Technology

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