Shoreline Mapping

Multi-View LiDAR for Detailed Shoreline Analysis

Erosion and flooding serve as two major threats to waterside project developers and subsequent clients. However, the potentialities of such issues can be quickly and affordably identified through our shoreline mapping services. By surveying a site with bathymetric sonar and high-resolution LiDAR, we can effectively compose a clear, detailed, and complete map of any site. This enables our clients to inspect for stability and suitability and account for flood and cresting risk, level, and current/flow fluctuations as well as sediment strength along the way.


Service Benefits:

  • Cost-effective means of high-resolution imaging to create a clear visual mapping of data that clients can consult for current and future projects

  • Quickly address erosion, sediment conditions, and flood risk to mitigate any damage and/or hazard risk to employees, equipment, and site stability

  • Faster preventative action through streamlined aerial and surface surveillance

  • UAV and helicopter-compatible services bypass accessibility issues

Applied Technology

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