Powerline Inspection

Infrastructure and Site Monitoring

While similar to right-of-way mapping, Aethon’s cost-effective and highly efficient power line inspection services work more closely with delicate and sensitive components, helping to maintain a consistent flow of electricity and mitigate hazard potentialities. Remotely performed by our certified specialists via UAV (drone) or helicopter with LiDAR, thermal imagery, and multi-spectral imaging, clients can safely and quickly ascertain line conditions and identify hazards such as sagging or risks of contact. Additionally, our high-resolution imaging and mapping enable for a deeper and more comprehensive inspection process that can identify the conditions of insulators and other components, which is integrated with your PLS-CADD workflow.


Service Benefits:

  • Quick hazard protection without skipping a single crucial detail

  • Risk-free line inspection that identifies sagging, contact, and component issues

  • Cost-effective services suitable for all environments and climates

  • Greater data clarity and situational awareness

Applied Technology

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