High-Resolution Imagery

Our orthophoto services essentially behave as a means of stitching collected pieces of visual data together to form a clear, high-resolution map of a site or working area. We ensure consistent quality control throughout this process, employing experienced photogrammetrists to process and work with aerial and surface imaging derived from a UAV or manned aircraft operated by an experienced survey technologist. This initiative to maintain specific roles and not merge them enables for higher-quality results and increased efficiency compared to our competitors, who often task UAV pilots with orthophoto processing duties despite being ill-suited to the role. Utilizing a combination of high resolution LiDAR and photogrammetry imagery, Aethon clients can rely on quick, affordable, and extremely precise mappings every single time.


Service Benefits:

  • Compelling, quick, and accurately processed results catered to your application

  • A detailed site map, which can then be formatted for 3D rendering and as-built model generation

  • Cost-effective means of consistent quality control and site surveillance

Applied Technology

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