Oil & Gas

LiDAR Services Catered to Your Project

A sensitive sector that depends on detailed and precise data analysis, oil and gas requires regular and attentive monitoring to protect investments, resources, and people. Aethon’s suite of customizable and cost-effective aerial and surface mapping services is programmed with quality control, accuracy, and speed in mind. Our provision of a site’s baseline survey data set can clarify the precise operating environment and characteristics of an area prior to construction, a crucial factor in mitigating risks for properties, employees, and the surrounding environments. By collecting crucial data by means of our mobile scanner, imagery, and LiDAR services, current and future site conditions and threats can be identified regardless of your current construction phase.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • Customizable to meet site needs regardless of whether construction has hardly started or is long-completed

  • Right-of-way, LiDAR, and terrain modelling services that protect and ensure detailed tracking of pipeline projects, access routes, and crossings

  • Cost-effective and quick means of high-resolution data collection and analysis without putting lives and valuable resources at risk

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