Infrastructure Mapping and MLS

Planning and maintaining the health of a community requires consistent and detail-oriented monitoring. Our advanced aerial and surface mapping services are designed to track infrastructure, road, and power conditions as well as predict water drainage patterns to accurately ascertain ground and structural integrity. Clients are provided with valuable and custom-tailored mobile mapping services that blend cost-effective and maneuverable UAV operation with high-resolution 3D Imaging. In addition, we can carry out power line inspections, right-of-way mappings, and drainage analysis. This enables for accurate, near-real-time data collection that can be analyzed for as-built models. In turn, this helps to identify potential hazard areas to mitigate risk and enables for precise condition monitoring.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • Accurate water flow, level, and flood risk tracking

  • More accurate infrastructure surveillance via Aethon’s mobile mapping and oblique imagery services

  • Enhanced monitoring of conditions and hazards through in-depth data collection — comparable to existing models and encourages risk-free planning

  • More accurate obstacle and risk identification

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