Infrastructure and Site Monitoring

Whether a complex is closed and in need of resource monitoring or if there is the risk of a contamination, Aethon can provide mining clients with thorough, effective, and quick condition surveillance by means of high-resolution aerial and surface mapping services. Our volumetric imaging enables for precise and detailed analysis of sites such as tailings ponds and wall or bench stability, allowing clients to quickly ascertain sensitive site integrities and condition. This cost-effective means of data provision can help protect sites against shifting, leakages, and structural failures.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • Comprehensive hazard and contaminant identification for site reclamation and/or monitoring projects

  • Consistent monitoring and maintenance of sensitive areas to mitigate risk and potential damage

  • Safe method of modelling wall or bench stability

  • Continued access to high-resolution 3D data for future projects

Relevant Services

Applied Technology

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