Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Clients in the environmental sector depend on surveillance and mapping services that don’t miss a single threat or hazard — a crucial step in preventative planning. By utilizing our LiDAR and orthophoto mapping services, a high-resolution and clear collective image of a site can be produced. Aethon’s aerial, surface, and sonar mappings can be custom-processed to ignore specific or all types of vegetation, revealing bare earth and water conditions. Alternatively, we can carry out vegetation species health and fire risk assessments. This same cost-effective technology can be quickly applied to identify risks to structures such as dams and tailings ponds, and also to accurately assess hazards such as oil spills and subsequently threatened areas.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • Enhanced surveillance and risk assessment accuracy

  • Quicker spill response, reclamation, and remediation

  • Cost-effective and customizable wildlife/biodiversity monitoring to focus on sensitive species at specific intervals

  • Ongoing regrowth assessments planned according to real-time data

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