Drainage Analysis

Watershed Modelling and Analysis

Many industries — particularly agriculture — rely heavily on predicting water flows and tracking drainage to protect sensitive resources from droughts and flooding. Through the use of surface and aerial mapping technologies, our drainage analysis services allow for a clearer picture beyond what the naked eye can see. Customized to suit site-specific needs and collect relevant data, it enables for the planning and application of a consistent and balanced water distribution system that identifies where water dispersal is inadequate or overwhelming specific areas. Through our capturing of conditions and utilization of sophisticated 3D LiDAR surface mapping technology, resource yields can be greatly improved in a quick, cost-effective, and efficient manner.


Service Benefits:

  • Site-specific data collection and analysis

  • Survey at any level of vegetation with LiDAR’s penetration capabilities

  • Enhanced defence against pooling and unwanted drainage, allowing for greater watershed stability and resource protection

  • Enables for planning and implementation of a viable drainage and water dispersal solution that meets the needs of a specific site

  • Is a preferred survey method for regulatory approval of drainage permits

Applied Technology

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