Corridor Mapping

Cost-Effective Right-of-Way Modelling

Commonly utilized to examine power lines, pipeline projects and roadways, our right-of-way mapping services ensure the sufficient and safe routing of projects through specified areas. By using LiDAR’s multi-spectral and RGB orthophoto imagery to map out areas, clients receive real-time and highly detailed visual data that can then be consulted to plan further ahead. Right-of-way mapping helps to protect against tree encroachment, infrastructure modelling, and unexpected terrain shifts, which in turn helps to ensure costs are kept down, progress isn’t slowed, and proper routing is planned to protect investments, people, and the immediate environment.


Service Benefits:

  • Aerial and surface high-resolution imaging produces detailed quantities of data that enable for quick risk assessment

  • Cost-effective and safe means of surveying sensitive areas

  • Protection against tree encroachment, flooding, and lost progress

  • Quicker and more accurate than traditional means of surveying project routes

Applied Technology

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