Rapid Site Surveys for Continuous Change Monitoring

In the construction industry, speed is everything. By opting for our cost-effective, yet comprehensive mapping services, clients can supplement a traditional land survey with a quicker, more precise, and simplified means of collecting crucial information. We tailor our method of data acquisition to provide each customer with the precise type and level of service that they need pertaining to site accessibility, ground and quality control requirements, infrastructural analysis, and protective surveillance. Custom-configurable to meet site-specific needs, our future-facing services enable for construction clients to progress quickly in their projects without sacrificing valuable time or resources.

 Sector Service Benefits:

  • Quick project turnarounds and project phase progression

  • No need to send out physical surveillance and/or inspection teams

  • Innovative mobile, orthophoto, shoreline, and right-of-way mapping services enable for precise real-time information gathering

  • Efficient and affordable means of guaranteeing site stability and quality control through decreased time spent on surveying without sacrificing crucial details

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