As-Built Models

Laser Scanning for As-Built Models

Our cost-effective and quick application of 3D high-resolution imaging technology is a valuable tool for oil and gas industry clients, municipal planning, construction, and power line and pipeline management. The design of a site or structure always differs in composition when it is completed in the real world, and our creation of as-built models using 3D mapping derived from LiDAR site scans helps to identify variations and risks. Whether dealing with piping, compressors, or structural stability inspections, these models generate a clear visualization of the current components and environment, which is delivered to client CAD software seamlessly.


Service Benefits:

  • Generate clear and precise real-time site models

  • Mitigate risk to employees and equipment through remote UAV mapping in sensitive areas (hydro lines, oil and gas pad sites, etc.)

  • Eliminate need for backtracking and extra expense: Cost-effective and accurate means of site surveillance and mapping

Applied Technology

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