Accurate and Fast Reporting for Asset Management

For maximum inventory and asset management control, aggregate site clients consult data collected pertaining to each and every gram of available materials. By utilizing our quick and cost-effective RGB orthophoto, LiDAR, and volumetric services, sites are carefully inspected to produce precise pile summaries, tailings assessments, and site compliance monitoring. Clients can consult high-resolution imagery and 3D data maps to ascertain pile and site conditions, a process made faster by using Aethon’s application of UAV and mobile mapping technology. This enables for same-day data collection and analysis on a project-based schedule, allowing for enhanced budget control and site development planning. It has never been easier to survey pile integrities with accuracy to generate a clear image of aggregation environments.


Sector Service Benefits:

  • More efficient project management and stakeholder reporting through the quick collection of precise and detailed data

  • Cost-effective earthworks and volumes reporting

  • Streamlined inventory, budget, and asset management

  • Same-day complete site mapping and assessments

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